2017-02-10 10:54:00


Recently, SUNRUI Marine Environment Engineering Co. Ltd has received BWMS systems orders for twenty 400,000 DWT VLOCs & ten 300,000 DWT VLCCs from Shanghai Waigaoqiao Shipbuilding Co., Qingdao Beihai shipbuilding Heavy Industry Co., Yangzijiang Shipbuilding Co., China Merchants Heavy Industry Co., Dalian Shipbuilding Industry Group Co, etc. 

As acknowledge that new-building vessels in this year is very less, SUNRUI still keeps its leader position for BWMS systems on large vessels, got these important valuable orders after hot competition with major competitors and indicated high level of BalClor® BWMS system in BWMS technology application field.  SUNRUI BalClor® BWMS system also could meet all requirements of Environment Protection, Energy Saving and Safety of these large ore carriers and tankers in the world with its advanced and latest technology.

SUNRUI BalClor® BWMS system was first published in 2011, with its advantages of high treatment capacity, reliable quality, flexible installation and compact structure to obtain great trust of most ship-owners and shipyards. SUNRUI promises to provide with reliable system and complete solution based on enough experience of new-building and retrofitting projects.

Now SUNRUI owns automatic production line of BWMS systems and achieve an annual production capacity of 1000 sets, has already established wide customer service network on major ports and countries all over the world.  SUNRUI is ready to develop its advantages to provide reliable quality on batch orders and delivery on schedule especially after BWMS Convention came into force, would like to participate and develop in the global ship market, and to make greater contribution to continuous improvement of the marine environment in the future.