SunRui EGCS successfully passed the shop test with the witness of CCS, DNV GL and LR Class
2018-12-06 09:41:00

    The hybrid exhaust gas cleaning system (EGCS)independently developed by SunRui Marine Environment Engineering Co., Ltd(hereinafter referred to as SunRui)has passed the shop test with the witness of CCS, DNV GL and LR Class in Shanghai Maritime University on Dec.2, 2018. The test verified the SOx removal efficiency and the parameters of discharge water of EGCS with open loop mode and closedloop mode respectively.The test results comply with the IMO 2015 Guidelines for Exhaust Gas Cleaning Systems and MEPC 259 (68) requirement. Accomplishment of the shop test demonstrates SunRui EGCS completely meets the technical requirements for ship application.

    MDT 6S35ME-B9 type engine with a power of 3570 kW was used in the test, with the maximum applicable fuel sulfur content of 3.5%, and maximum exhaust gas treatment capacity of 30000kg/h. During the two months shop test, the key techniques,such as system operation parameters measurement, controlling of the discharge water parameters, continuous on-line monitoring and so on, were broken through. Meanwhile, a large number of test data and operation experiences were accumulated, and several technique improvements were also finished during the shop test. In addition, the function test of EGR WTS has been finished with the witness of MDT (MAN Diesel &Turbo)and DNV GL, and the test results showed that the discharge water can meet the properties of MEPC 259(68) and MDT requirement.

    SunRui possesses the professional technical research and development team, and has been engaged in the research and application of the EGCS since 2013. SunRui EGCS is modularly designed with the advantages of small footprint, high level automation, less demand for fresh water, lower power expenditure, high SOx removal efficiency and fine discharge water treatment effect. The hybrid EGCS can be switched between open loop mode and closed loop mode according to the ship operating conditions, which can simultaneously treat the exhaust gas produced by the main engine, auxiliary engine and boiler. SunRui has got the principle approval certificateof EGCS from LR at the beginning of 2018, and will obtain the principle approval certificates from CCS and DNV GL and the statement of compliance certificates from LR and DNV GL at the end of 2018. EGCS is a new major product developed by SunRui in the marine environmental protection equipment field. Presently, SunRui has possessed the capacity of the design, production, and installation of EGCS, and can ensure the supply of EGCS within eight months. In future, SunRui will continue to provide more high-quality and efficient products and services for customers around the world.