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  Sodium Hypochlorite Generation Technology by Electrolysis

Compared with liquid chlorine and sodium hypochlorite products on the market, the directly generating fresh and highly acitive sodium hypochlorite technology by electrolyzing seawater (or brine) without diaphragm not only has the advantages of low running cost and more efficient chlorine sterilization capacity, but also avoid the second pollution to the environment and the shortcomings of tending to hurt operators in the procedure of shipping, storage and application. At present, with the environment protection awareness of citizens becoming more and more strengthened, the new technology of generating sodium hypochlorite with electrolyzing seawater has been developed quickly and applied extensively.

The company has been engaged in the research and development of generating sodium hypochlorite in no-diaphragm electrolysis for about 20 years, and has successively undertaken nearly 100 projects of this technology such as LingAo nuclear power plant ( the production of available chlorine is 4´83Kg/h), TianWan nuclear power plant ( the production of available chlorine is 4´130Kg/h) etc. in the areas of power plants, chemical plants, ship and platforms. This technology and the corresponding equipment have been awarded the second-class award of science and technology progress of ministerial-class, and have been chosen as the key spreading item by the national science and technology committee as well as recommended as the main supplier of accessorial equipment by China State Power Corporation. In addition, the company successively compiled the national standards of ¡°The Design and Installation of Ship Anti-fouling Equipments of Electrolyzing Seawater¡± as well as ¡°The Technology of Sodium Hypochlorite Generator of Electrolyzing Seawater¡±.

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